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Our Spa Treatments

Shine Envision Nails offers a full range of nail treatments, skin care, body massage and waxing. Our technicians are highly skilled and experienced, strive to make each of your visit the best experience.

You can schedule your treatments online or call us. If you choose to reserve your treatments online, please make it at least 8 hours ahead. Walk-ins is welcomed but you may expect a wait time. There usually are more openings from Monday to Thursday, however availability frequently changes and there may be more openings that suit your schedule. Please do not hesitate to call us to reserve your treatments. 

For nail treatment, to ensure we arrange a good amount of time for your experience, please leave a note in your reservation if:-

1. you would like a French polish or any design

2. you currently have gel/shellac, acrylic or dip on your nails

In an effort to provide a better care for our guests who aren't able to receive soak due to health conditions, we offer Soakless nail treatments at our spa. These Soakless nail services are the same luxurious as other Shine Envision nail treatments with an enhanced focus on sustainability.

See below for a menu of our spa treatments. Don't forget that you earn valuable VIP points for using any of these treatments.

Our Services
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